I hope to eventually have a fairly complete list of the shareware, freeware and open source applications I've produced here. So far I've only included some very old shareware and freeware applications that are no longer available.

Kill-v (1989)

Kill-v was a simple boot sector virus removal tool that was able to remove two common boot sector viruses that were causing problems at Strathclyde University, where I worked at the time. It was also able to destroy, though not fully remove, other boot sector viruses. I think I wrote it in 1988, and published it in early 1989 by uploading to the HENSA micros archive. It must have been one of the first anti-virus programs to be published, and possibly was the first freeware one.

Diary (1991)

Diary page

Time Logger (1992)

Time Logger page.

WebWatch (1998)

WebWatch page