A photo of me.


The purpose of this website is to publicise my skills when I am looking for employment consultancy work, however at the moment I do not have time to take on any extra work so it is just a site about me.

I am a software developer specialising in educational interoperability specifications, in particular IMS QTI 2. My background is in Engineering, and I have degrees in Aeronautical Engineering and Bioengineering, however I have been working as a programmer for over 25 years. I also have a degree from the Open University in Natural Sciences, specialising in ecology.

I currently work at University of Glasgow developing education related software. The majority of my activity involves writing in PHP, however I also do some development in C# and Java. I have also recently started studying part-time for a Ph.D. in Computing Science at the University, and will be looking at practical applications of generative programming.